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Dental Emergency? Call the Dentist

Your friend has been hit in the face with a softball. A front tooth was knocked out, and there is some bleeding. Fortunately, your friend is fully conscious and has no other injuries. Should you take him to the emergency room?

Call the DentistDental Emergencies

For most dental injuries, first call your Westport, MA dentist. Doctors Sathvik Begur Seshadri and Shikha Chopra of Westport Dental PC can advise you on the best immediate treatment for your friend. Also, with profuse bleeding or special dental conditions, the dentist may advise transport to an ER. A phone call from the dentist to the hospital can facilitate the correct treatment for both the medical and dental issue.

A Tooth is Injured

Basically, teeth get injured in 3 ways:

  1. knocked out
  2. loosened or pushed from side to side or front to back
  3. fractured or chipped

The first scenario is the most serious and needs action within 5 minutes to save the tooth. Control any soft tissue bleeding with firm, direct pressure on the site. Then, gently rinse any dirt or debris off the tooth, but do not remove any attached soft tissue. Then, firmly place the tooth back in the socket. The patient or another individual can hold the tooth in place during transport.

If this is not possible, place the tooth in a small container with milk, salt water or even some of the patient's saliva. The injured person may even hold the tooth in his mouth between the cheek and gums.Then, get to Westport Dental immediately. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the sooner a tooth is reimplanted the better the chances are to save it.

The second scenario is less serious, but a loosened tooth requires treatment within 6 hours of the incident. The dentist will x-ray the area to assess injury to roots, bone and adjoining teeth. After injecting local anesthesia, the dentist gently pushes the loosened tooth back into position and splints it to give extra support during the healing process.

The last scenario needs attention, but the time frame is not so pressing. The dentists at Westport Dental should examine a chipped or broken tooth within 12 hours of the accident to ensure the best outcome. Transport any tooth fragments to the dentist who can reconstruct the tooth by filling it, crowning it or using cosmetic/restorative techniques to restore it to good form and function

A Tooth Hurts

Tooth and jaw pain warrants an immediate call to the dentist. Dental abscesses (infections) frequently cause toothaches with associated redness and swelling of the gums and face. Not all toothaches are emergencies, but even so, they should not be neglected. When experiencing dental pain or sensitivity to heat or cold, call Westport Dental for advice.

Westport Dental PC

Sathvik Begur Seshadri DMD MDS and Shikha Chopra DMD BDS are imminently qualified to treat a wide array of dental problems. Also, they expertly handle restorative and cosmetic follow-up care. Contact them first during an emergency: (508) 675-0561.

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