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Westport Dental offers top-of-the-line dental implants, providing the highest quality care and craftsmanship. Our implant dentists have extensive experience performing successful dental implant procedures and are committed to helping each patient achieve their desired results. With the availability of our advanced technology, we can offer both single-tooth and multiple-tooth implants with long-lasting stability and aesthetics. We specialize in providing dental implants near me for those who want convenience and ease of access to the highest quality services available. We also provide full oral health assessments to ensure that all our patients get the best outcome from their treatment plan. As a result, you can rest assured that your dental implant experience at Westport Dental is tailored to your individual needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Sathvik Seshardi

Dr. Sathvik Seshadri is a leading dentist in Massachusetts. He is a talented and energetic dentist. Boston University awarded Dr. Seshadri a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Prior to attending Boston University, Dr. Seshadri earned a bachelor's degree in dental surgery from India and a master's degree with a focus in orthodontics.

Dr Shikha Chopra

Dr. Shikha Chopra

After completing her studies at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Shikha Chopra, M.D., was awarded a Doctor of Dental Medicine Cum Laude. Prior to enrolling at Boston University, Dr. Chopra earned a bachelor's degree in dental surgery from India. Dr. Shikha Chopra is a lifelong learner who frequently participates in conferences and seminars for continuing education. She is extremely passionate about dentistry.

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I haven't been to a dentist in quite a while. Friendly staff, very professional and state of the art equipment. Each staff member fully explained what they were about to do and why. Definitely recommend them!

- Greg Potter


Very experienced and helpful staff and doctors. They always work with you and understand your case better than other facilities I have tried in the past. They would not recommend the treatment or procedures just for the sake of doing them. They would really explain if a particular work has to be done or not. Very happy with them for last 7+ years.

- Abhishek Khatti


The staff at Westport Dental PC are very friendly and professional, it was my first visit there and they treated me like I’ve been going there for years! If anyone is looking for an amazing local dentist look no further!

- Tamra Richard

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